The Farm Then and Now
and Out to Change the World
two books by Douglas Stevenson
a member of The Farm Community
for over 40 years !

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Out to Change the World

The Farm Then and Now

The Farm’s colorful, hippie heyday is now but a distant memory. Even the great Changeover, the defining moment of The New Farm, is now decades in the past. The Farm Community has not only survived, but remains as a model lifestyle for humanity, demonstrating that humans can live together in a way that is ecological, peaceful, and viable.

The collective land base remains intact, and the shared ownership of all buildings, home and infrastructure, along with its robust internal economy and integration with the world at large, is a futuristic hybrid capitalist enterprise blended with tribal stewardship. 

In my book, "Out to Change the World," I tell the story of The Farm Community, from its roots during the hippie era of San Francisco, to its evolution over 40 years later as a modern day ecovillage.

The Farm Then and Now digs deeper, presenting the story of a group that has defied the odds, blending idealism with a practical approach to intentional community and creating a model for sustainable living. Just as the Summer of Love opened their hearts and minds, The Farm continues as a school of change, demonstrating ways to operate collectively in terms of:

  • Community government, Resolving differences and disputes
  • Land stewardship and management
  • Health care, building and infrastructure
  • Cooperation, compassion and spiritual values.
Special Sale!!
both for only $33 including shipping

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