Out to Change the World

Out to Change the World
by Douglas Stevenson

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In my book, "Out to Change the World," I tell the story of The Farm Community, from its roots during the hippie era of San Francisco, to its evolution over 40 years later as a modern day ecovillage.

I have invested virtually all of my adult life into The Farm community. I say “invested” because I have put everything I have both materially and spiritually into it, and reaped the fruits of these efforts a hundredfold.

It has been a very full life. I am honored to share The Farm’s story, and my story, with you.

Price: $14.95
Page Count: 160
Width: 8 inches
Height 8 inches
Format: Softcover
Publication Year: 2014

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prelude to the Sixties
Chapter 2 San Francisco, Monday Night Class, and The Caravan
Chapter 3 Looking for Land
Chapter 4 Three Days or the Rest of Your Life
Chapter 5 Living Together
Chapter 6 The Satellite Farm
Chapter 7 Plenty: Because There is Enough
Chapter 8 The Vow of Poverty
Chapter 9 The Changeover
Chapter 10 Finding New Strengths
Chapter 11 The New Farm

Excerpt: Living Together

Excerpt: The New Farm

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