omega 3 cusine

Omega 3 Cuisine - Recipes for Health and Pleasure
by Alan Roettinger with Udo Erasmus, PhD

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"Omega-3 Cuisine" seamlessly combines health and pleasure. Chef Alan Roettinger believes that good food must appeal to the senses—sight,smell, taste—and the imagination. With that in mind he created this collection of recipes resulting in dishes that sound appetizing, look mouth-watering, and taste delicious. Finally, exquisite-tasting food that is healthful!

You'll find valuable information on healthful fats and essential fatty acids, humorous quips to keep you laughing while you cook, interesting tidbits about the origins of various ingredients, and clear, concise instructions to ensure consistent success. Obtaining essential fatty acids has never been so easy or delicious.

Udo Erasmus’ ground-breaking first book, "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill," became the nutritionists’ bible on healthful fats. Udo has since developed an oil blend that contains balanced levels of all of the essential fatty acids. Udo’s Oil is the central ingredient in this innovative cookbook.


Price: $19.95
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Publication Year: 2008

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